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We’ve always had a love and respect for the outdoors, and in 1985, we recognized our need to be good stewards of one of the most important resources that God has given us: the land. With that foundation, we began our business with the goal to help private landowners manage and protect their timberland.

Reforestation is an important part of owning timberland. We help private landowners reforest their property, and in our 30+ years of business, we have planted more than 1.2 million seedlings. We take pleasure in helping customers realize their dream of land ownership by assisting them with purchases, and when needed, the sale of their property.

We believe in hard work, honesty and live by the Golden Rule. Whether your goal is to “flip it” and sell it or to pass it on to the next generation, we will treat your land with the same respect as if it were our own.

They understand that it’s not always about the money from today’s harvest, but the effect today’s management will have on future harvests. Midsouth has the utmost respect for the land and our objectives as landowners.

– Judy and Mike Dunaway, AL/MS Landowners